Instant Offices

With our Instant Offices, we are offering a variety of elegant offices equipped with everything to meet your needs. You can start using your office as soon as you sign the contract, where you will be paying a single invoice without worrying about all the individual expenses like electricity...

Virtual Offices

With our Virtual Offices, we provide various office service solution packages suitable for all companies and professionals who do not need a full-time office.

Meeting Room

With its Meetingport solutions, Officeport Istanbul will be happy to be the host of your weekly or monthly company meetings you hold with your team, or for any of your meetings you have with your visitors. Come; let us enhance your professional image with our meeting rooms..

The new generation of working style… Officeport Istanbul!

We are aware of how high the office overhead expenses are when establishing a new company or opening a new branch office. And, it does not end with the expenses only… Searching for an office space, finding and preparing a suitable office, moving to that office, etc., etc… All the effort and time spent on this venture can certainly be a big burden. At Officeport Istanbul we are here to lighten your load and give you back your time and money with our virtual and instant office solutions…

With the Back Office Service, the experienced solution partners of Officeport are at your side when you are founding a new company or opening a new branch of your business. If you wish, you may receive support from our lawyers or financial advisors, and you may even leave your Web site to the trusted hands of our information technology team.

Officeport Istanbul starts to assist you before your company is established. If you opted for a virtual office, on the day your company is established, your address and phone number will be activated; if you chose an instant office, your keys to your modern and stylishly furnished new office will be delivered! Then our team of assistants will start answering your phone on behalf of your new company, and all there is left for you to do will be to enjoy your coffee and concentrate on your business!

Come; focus your time on your business. Leave the solution for your work choice to Officeport. Enjoy an elegant office address and pay less at the same time.

From now on, let your office details and overhead be our business. With a single invoice, enjoy managing your business without worrying about office management and overhead expenses!

Serviced office

Corner Ofis Paketi

Corner Office (1 Person)

A prestigious and registered business adress located at World Trade Center...

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Sunlight Ofis Paketi

Sunlight Office (2-3 Person)

Regular cleaning and maintenance services, stylish and fully furnished offices

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Office Lights Ofis Paketi

OfficeLights (4-5 Person)

Local business telephone number can be used in all your business cards and marketing materials.

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Virtual Offices

AdressPort (Address Services)

Addressport (Address&POBOX)

Adress can be used on your business cards and on all your marketing materials...

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TellPort (Telephone Services)

Tellport (Phone)

All faxes that you receive to our master fax number are scanned and forwarded by email.

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OfficePort (Address & Telephone)

OfficePort (Address&Phone)

Post box Services (Receiving your parcels and informing you via e-mail )

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OfficePort Contact Information

Address : Dünya Ticaret Merkezi EGS Business Park B2 Blok No:8
Yeşilköy / İstanbul
Phone : +90 (212) 465 07 07
Fax : +90 (212) 465 30 83
Email :
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Begüm Polat Coplugİl/ DHL

Officeport Istanbul, with its very comfortable and well-equipped meeting rooms, is providing us a service beyond all our expectations.

Pınar Kadakal Akgün / Revera Yönetim Danışmanlığı

We are managing our business either from home or from our office at Officeport Istanbul. Officeport Istanbul, with its flexible and reasonable solutions, is perfect for our needs!

Gülfem Saydan / Element Strateji

Officeport is a company implementing successfully in Turkey the instant office solutions I saw abroad.. My office assistant is ready, and so is my elegant office, exempt from all the overhead costs! I do not worry about withholding taxes or monthly dues. All I have to do is focus on my business..


With the Officeport Virtual Office system, we solved our problem of having an address on the European side of Istanbul; and with the Instant Office system, now we have elegant offices that we can use only when we need. What else can we ask for?


It did not even take us 10 minutes to start our meeting with our visitors after we welcomed them at the airport. Unbelievable!

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