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Frequently asked questions

Why Virtual Office?

Virtual Office may be the most ideal solution for anybody who does not need a permanent office.

Both a professional working from home and a company whose headquarters is located in another city or country may use a Virtual Office.

A mailbox, serving as your address where you receive your mail, or a phone number for your incoming calls to be received and answered, or both services combined; all these are options offered within the scope of the virtual office.

In the virtual office system, you use the physical office only when you need it, and you pay for the actual hours and days that you use. Why pay more, if all you need is a phone number or an address?

In our era, when more practical and economical solutions become available through technological advances, the main goal of the ever-popular and widely available virtual office systems has always been to achieve the highest efficiency with the least cost, without losing the focus on the solution.

Why Office Istanbul Virtual Offices?

Owning a virtual office in Officeport Istanbul adds prestige to your business and increases your dynamism due to its excellent location within the triangle of Atatürk Airport, CNR Expo Center and the World Trade Center, and also due to its services geared for individuals and companies offered by its flexible and dynamic structure.

You do not have to wait even a single day to reach the virtual offices of Officeport Istanbul and start a new chapter in your business.

Officeport Istanbul, with its professional office management, definitely has a new office life specifically for you!

Why Instant Office/Why Officeport Istanbul?

The office, its interior design and general expenses, make up the biggest share of all investments and expenditures incurred during the start-up period of a business. After the business is established, the office expenses continue to take a significant share of the budget of an ongoing business.

Let us take the burden of these expenses off of your shoulders, such as interior design, cleaning, monthly dues, heating, air conditioning, security and withholding tax. In addition, let us relieve you from the cost of an assistant, who answers your incoming calls and welcomes your visitors. Let us serve refreshments to you and your visitors. Let us provide continuous and limitless Internet access, free of charge. On top of it all, let us say that you will experience all of this in a very elegant, brand new office, furnished with designer furniture, that embraces you with its energy, as soon as you enter, and in an environment where you can socialize with new and different professionals.

Come and experience the dynamism of Officeport Istanbul at its home.You will say Instant Office Now, instead of why!

Officeport Istanbul, with its professional office management, definitely has a new office life specifically for you!